Since being founded in 1994, Heritage Grade has become a world-renowned leader in the restoration and conservation of heritage buildings and their components. Through the tireless work of our craftspersons and artisans, we work to preserve for future generations the legacy of Canada’s built history. At Heritage Grade, our passion and expertise are heritage buildings.

Heritage Grade has successfully completed hundreds of projects in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and elsewhere in Canada. Heritage Grade is pre-qualified for many notable projects and project sites, and our CCDC qualifications are available upon request.


Library of Parliament
West Block of Parliament
East Block of Parliament
Parliament Hill Fence
Governor General Residence
Langevin Building
Almonte Town Hall

Cartier Square Armory
Union Station
Confederation Building
Madeleine de Verchères
National War Memorial
Quebec City Armoury
Royal Canadian Mint

Memorial Chamber, Peace Tower
Kandahar Memorial
Supreme Court of Canada
Wellington Building
Government Conference Center
Ottawa City Hall
Lansdowne Park